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Have you ever tried a cuckold chat room? Most of the chat rooms you found may already die, which only have several active chatters in a day. So, are there some chat rooms which have hundreds of people in it at any time? Where is the best place to talk about your cuckolding life with others? And where to find some big hung bulls or hotwives?


CuckoldPlace may be the largest cuckold forum on the internet, which has more than 100k registered members. But you need to sign up to chat with their users. The message feature of this site is not free, and you can only send your messages to someone you fancy after upgrading. The username of the Admin of this site is MrBigCuckold, and if you have any problems with this site, you don't need to send email feedback, just check his profile and send your question to him. This site is no only for US people, it's also popular in the UK, Germany and France, so if you come from the erup, you can easily find other people who are interested in cuckolding relationships.



When we think of online hook up, we think of AdultFriendFinder. Founded in 1996, AdultFriendFinder has become the largest hook up & swinging site. More and more people join this site to meet open-minded people in their own city. Some reports say the ratio of men/women on AdultFriendFinder is very high. It may not be good news for single males who look for single women on this site, but if you are a cuckold who wants to find a large hung bull for your wife, this would be good news. So, if you haven't tried AdultFriendFinder before, there is no harm in doing it.



BiCupid was once a dating site only for bisexual people, but more and more cuckold couples and bulls have joined this site for the last several years and most of those cuckolds, hotwives, bulls are also bisexual. If you are a bisexual cuckold, you could give it a try. Add your pics to your profile, and when you find someone who catches your eyes, take things to the next level by sending them a private message or asking them for a video call. One of the most common problems that people have is that they can not upload their nude pics to this site, because BiCupid do not allow nude pics on their site . Check those sites below if you do not like that.



AshleyMadison is known as an affair dating site, but some cuckolds said that their wives have found some bulls to date on this site. Most of the male members of AshleyMadison are married or attached. So, you don't worry about it if they do not accept cuckolding relationships. But if you do not like those guys who are in a serious relationship, joining AshleyMadison may not be a good choice. Another benefit of joining the site is that its database is large. You may have heard about its database being hacked back to 2015, but since then it has focused more on security and is now perhaps the safest dating site on the Internet.


It’s easier than making a cup of coffee. OurHotWives make it so simple to get a bird for a fuck that securing pussy for the night takes almost no effort. There are no obligations, just pure wild sex. It isn't a long-term commitment. You know how difficult it is to commit to someone. Hookups are a good way to prevent unneeded troubles and emotions. Both of you will be satisfied, and there will be no need to fake love or sympathy. Doesn't it sound fantastic?Vist Site


If you love to show off and expose your wife or girlfriend, you could try TheCuckoldConsultant. There are lots of people who share pics and videos of their wives and girlfriends. Most of the time, the number of people in this chat room is hundreds and sometimes even one thundered. So this chat room is not only about sharing private photos, you could also find someone who is interested in your wife in your state or city. There is not only the main cuckold chat room, you could also find other small chat rooms which may serve your interests like Interracial room, Sissy Cuckolds and etc.

Chatzy Cuckold

This is an instant message service and a virtual chat room where you can exchange messages with other people. It allows you to create rooms and participate with others who are interested in the same topic. You can create rooms for dating, advice, games, or just fun. Most of the Chatzy rooms and groups discuss topics are centered on dating services; however, you will meet new people with whom you can connect and become friends.


CuckoldMarriage was created by Luvr back in 1996. It was called, and became in 2011. Luvr is a dominant for couples, you can find his posts and articles on this site. The chat room of CuckoldMarriage was available both for guests and members, but now, you could only chat with other users after signing up. But if you don't want to sign up, you could also chat with other guests in another small chat room where you can not meet their users. CuckoldMarriage never has a registration cost, so you could feel free to register for it. Once you want to leave and delete your information, please contact Luvr directly.


Unlike TheCuckoldConsultant there is no guest login option on SlutWives. After the sign up process, you could chat in those chat rooms. The chat room of SlutWive is not as active as TheCuckoldConsultant but also has many users. The difference between those two chat rooms is that most users on SlutWives are like text chat and TheCuckoldConsultant's users are more likely to share photos in the chat room. Another feature that SlutWives has is that you can watch the Live Sex Chat there. Those live chats are totally free and you could create your personal live by connecting your cam with this site.


CuckoldChatCity is an awesome website for people who are into cuckold chat. The sign up process is very easy. You just need to create a unique username and answer your age, gender and what you are looking for on this site etc. After that you could see who's online and check their profile, then send messages or flirts. They also have a chat room where everybody discusses their cuckold experience there. No matter if you just want to share your life or you like to have fun with some hung bulls, CuckoldChatCity is a good platform.

CF Wives

CF Wives is a Cuckold forum that allows you to chat with others for free. You must be 18+ to chat here. You could log in as a guest at first to find out how many people are online in this chat room and whether it is worth creating a member account. As a guest, you could only type your words in this chat room and cannot use the private message or story feature. Most of the time, this chat room only has nearly one hundred people and most of them come from the US and Germany. Your account will be automatically deleted if you are not logged in for two months.


CuckoldFart used to have a large cuckold chat room, but since their chat downed several times they lost lots of members. It seems like a dead chat room and only a few people chat there and get replies hours later. They also have two chat rooms, one for members and the other for guests. You are unable to chat privately unless you register on this site. CuckoldFart is not an active community, it may not be too bad to share your stores. But when you want to chat, there is no person you can chat with on this site. The administrator of CuckoldFart will post videos every day, and most of them are black bulls and white hotwives. If you love interracial cuckold, you could visit this site.

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