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Why do some people like cuckolding?

Fetishes, sexual fantasies, kinks, and sexual desires are now considered much less taboo than before. It’s much easier to find information about fetishes and kinks, as well as, coming in contact with people who are like-minded in the fetish and kink world. Firstly, we need to understand what exactly cuckolding means. Fun fact: the term actually originates from the cuckoo bird because it often lays eggs in the nests of other birds. You can understand how that also translates in a sexual way.

convert your husband to cuckold
How to convert your husband into a cuckold?

Every relationship needs to be spiced up at one point or another to stay alive. As such, many people have resulted to finding different methods and ideas that help to keep their relationship afloat when it seems like there is a hitch. Just like some people like to cheat and others have an open marriage, cuckolding is a thing in marriages these days and you will be surprised at the percentage of marriages that practice it, even some people you know are deep into the practice.

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