Cuckold Marriage Review

Cuckold Marriage

Have you heard of Cuckold before? If you have and you're wondering if the website is safe enough for you to register an account, keep on reading this article. We will be reviewing Cuckold, its features, what it's all about, and if it's safe. Let's get started.

What is Cuckold

This is a website that houses a community that is interested in the Cuckold lifestyle. It was first established in 1996 by an anonymous founder who openly dated someone's wife. Since then, the platform's mission has been to encourage, empower, and educate those interested in the lifestyle and to correct the misinformation about it.

When the website was first launched, it was more of an internet relay chatroom because web browser base chat was unavailable. This lasted several years before it was moved to the current web technology. Now accessing content on the website is easier and simple.

This platform was one of the dedicated cuckolding sites online, and since then, it has been dedicated to achieving its goals. Most especially, correcting the misconception of the lifestyle. It also supports people meeting couples to be a Dom in their marriage. This is one of its features, and we will be analyzing the others next.

Cuckold features

The website has several parts that feature different processes, like a guide, forum, tour, community, and private messages. All these features contribute to making the users of this site happy and well-enlightened. Here's a brief overview of each feature on the website.

  • Lifestyle Introductory Tour: This involves an introductory tour of the cuckold lifestyle, how to get started, and what you need to know.
  • Featured Couples: This section has verified couples active in the community and who want to feature their experience on the platform.
  • Lifestyle Guides: These are guides on how to go about the lifestyle, what is expected of you, and how to build your confidence.
  • Chat Room: A chat is found on the platform where members can find out the rules of the website and speak with a support representative (the founder) whenever they have an issue.
  • Discussion Forum: There is a discussion forum where member can share their experience, problems, and stories. They can also connect with other people on the forum.
  • Community Groups: A community group is on the website, where members can have groups based on their interests.
  • Private Messaging: A private messaging feature is on the website, where verified members can message other verified members.
  • Extended Member Profiles: This feature is for members of the websites who want advanced services offered by the founders. They will have to verify their profiles to participate in such services.

How to register on Cuckold

Membership registration is entirely free and so easy. Just fill in the fields on the registration page, and a new account will be set up for you in no time.

Even though you need to register to interact on the website in specific ways, you can still browse through the website by registering. Registration helps protect against spammers and those who have malicious intent.

After filling in your details, your information is safe. Nothing is done with it other than to operate the site. Also, if you would like to request your information to be deleted, you can contact the founder through the contact tab.

Why .info not .com?

When people hear .com, they will think of the website as a porn site/ paysite. To avoid such misconception, is pointed to .info. This means, if you search for, you will be directed to The founder intends that it remains that way to increase visibility and grow the community.

What are expanded profiles?

An expanded profile feature was created since the website doesn't want to be seen as a hook-up platform. This feature works this way; when members complete their profile, other members can search for answers similar to theirs using the Advanced Search form on the Member Directory. If there's a match with a fellow member, they can connect via private messaging on the app.

This is different from the regular member profile. When registering, you will see three tabs: Basic, Lifestyle, Matchmaking. The third tab includes specific fields to help match searches. Even though you already have a profile, you can use the menu bar along the top of the page and navigate to the profile edit option to change your profile type.

Verification of Identity online

Cuckold is big on establishing credibility because it's the internet, and anyone can pretend to be anyone and anything they choose to be. In order to better understand and enjoy the lifestyle, this platform supports that its members genuinely represent themselves. This is one aspect that separates Cuckold from others. It asks its members to be genuine, and anyone who doesn't want to play by the rules can exercise their role-play and make-believe elsewhere.

The verification involves a selfie or a shot of the wife or couple taken with a note or sign to indicate the shot was taken for the verification purpose and isn't simply a picture borrowed from online somewhere. Any member that isn't verified cannot be vouched for, and other members are asked to avoid such persons. The verification is optional for males and compulsory for females. According to the platform, this is because a lot of males pretend to be females.

Who can have access to the site?

The website is open to everyone interested in the lifestyle, but specific countries are blocked for security and cultural reasons.

Is Cuckold safe?

A valid SSL certificate on the website ensures secure communication between the website and your community. This shows that your information is safe from hackers. However, there are a few discrepancies we are concerned about. Several items are missing when it comes to optimizing a website for search engines like Google and Bing. This makes Cuckold look suspicious because they can't be found on search engines unless you type out the whole name. Why would Cuckold not want to be found via search engines? This is a question for its founder, as we cannot assume the reason.


If you're into the cuckold lifestyle or you're looking to be a part of it, you'll enjoy using Cuckold This platform thrives on being the center for every information you'll ever need on cuckolding. It has several blog posts to prove this.

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