How to convert your husband into a cuckold?

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Every relationship needs to be spiced up at one point or another to stay alive. As such, many people have resulted to finding different methods and ideas that help to keep their relationship afloat when it seems like there is a hitch. Just like some people like to cheat and others have an open marriage, cuckolding is a thing in marriages these days and you will be surprised at the percentage of marriages that practice it, even some people you know are deep into the practice.

So, what does it mean to cuckold?

In simple terms, cuckolding revolves around being turned on by the idea or by watching your partner having sex with someone. This practice is somewhat related to BDSM because it involves dominating your husband or partner, getting him to submit to you sexually, and humiliating his male ego. Although the idea of converting your husband into a cuckold may seem strange to some, many marriages are held together by this act. Unlike the historical meaning of cuckold, which refers to a man who unknowingly has an adulterous wife, the modern-day meaning depicts that not only is he aware of his partners’ affairs, he fully approves of it.

If you want to spice up your relationship by converting your husband into a cuckold, continue reading this article for more insight.

Flirt with someone you both know

Converting your husband into a cuckold isn’t the easiest thing to do. Nonetheless, you can start by flirting with his friends or other people that you both know. Doing so will show you if he is turned on by the idea or wouldn’t bulge. If the latter is the case, then you can initiate some sexual innuendos, talk to him about the idea of cuckolding, and see where it takes you. All men are egoistic; you aim to make him let down his ego and he’ll succumb to the idea in no time.

Create a CuckoldPlace profile

Sometimes, marriage makes it seem like you’ve lost your touch as a ‘hot wife’, and meeting someone new can help activate that part of you that seems almost nonexistent anymore. One of the ways of meeting someone new is by joining CuckoldPlace or other love and relationship platforms. Once you match with someone and the communication gets kinky, show your husband the conversation and sees if he gets excited by it or otherwise. Additionally, you can even swipe profiles together and select a bull for the experience. Watch your husband submit to you as a cuckold once you can get other men to indicate sexual interest in you and you indulge.

Flirt with random men in his presence

Although flirting with other men while your husband is not around might make you feel good and desirable once again, the idea is to get him to submit to you as a cuckold, so you may want to do it in his presence and see his response. Note that doing this once or twice does not automatically convert him into a cuckold. It may be easy for some women, and the process might take a while for others. Whatever the case may be, flirting with other men in front of your partner is humiliating and teasing but can change his mindset into approving your affairs because he believes that the experience you get from being intimate with other people can improve your intimacy with him as well.

Introduce role play

Role-playing with your husband or partner allows the both of you to be other people for the sake of enhancing your sexual intimacy. So, introduce some cuckolding role-play sessions and ask him what he thinks about the both of you doing something like that in real life. You could act like a secretary flirting dirty with her boss or something more creative on your end. Whatever role you chose, ensure to engage your husband through it all and ask for his opinion at the end. Constantly doing this will open up his mind and give him the impression that being a cuckold isn’t entirely a bad idea.

Talk about your exes

Some people believe that the past should remain in the past and so, wouldn’t want to talk about their exes and relationships with their present partner. If you are bent on making your husband or partner a cuckold, then you should be comfortable with bringing up conversations about your past relationships, ‘sexcapades’, and intimate activities you have indulged in with other men before him to see how he responds. If he gets excited about the topic and starts to ask more questions, then that’s your cue to seize the moment and chip in the idea of having sex with other men while he watches and approves of it.

Kiss someone else

Kissing someone else in front of your partner can go two ways- cause a ruckus in your relationship or get your man excited. If you truly want to convert your husband into a cuckold, then you might want to take the risk. You can’t just walk up to random strangers on the road and kiss them. The next time you go clubbing with your girls or visit a bar, you may want to flirt with someone, start with a kiss on the cheek, and take it further to the lips. Send your husband a detailed text about what you have done to spike his imagination. On another note, you can also go clubbing or visit a bar with your husband and let him watch you flirt and kiss other guys passionately.

Watch erotic movies or read erotic books together

There are lots of books and movies with content centered on cuckolding. Doing so may create a lot of excitement in him and build his fantasy especially when you act out what you read or watch on him, using a sultry voice that he can’t get past. Pay attention to the scenes and lines that excite him, and use it as a stronghold to making him your cuckold.

In conclusion, turning your husband into a cuckold isn’t as easy as it sounds. It requires trust, honesty, and understanding, and takes time as well. Try out whatever ideas you are most comfortable with and take things slowly even as you communicate frequently to make sure that the both of you are on the same page.

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