Why do some people like cuckolding?


Fetishes, sexual fantasies, kinks, and sexual desires are now considered much less taboo than before. It’s much easier to find information about fetishes and kinks, as well as, coming in contact with people who are like-minded in the fetish and kink world.

Firstly, we need to understand what exactly cuckolding means. Fun fact: the term actually originates from the cuckoo bird because it often lays eggs in the nests of other birds. You can understand how that also translates in a sexual way.

Cuckolding is a fetish or kink that has been around for a very long time.

Way back when cuckolding was simply considered being a sexually deviant man who has a promiscuous wife. In all honestly, the definition hasn’t changed much; its meaning might have upgraded a bit over time. Cuckolding is a kink or fetish that involves watching your partner having sex with someone else while spectating it and being turned on. Cuckold used to be a form of mockery back in the day because it used to imply that the husband of the female partner isn’t “good enough” or “man enough” to please her. Sometimes, the magic of cuckolding lies in the fact that the man-pleasing the wife has a larger penis than her husband. A part of the fantasy can also be the wife hiding that she is having sex with other female partners. For some cuckolding fanatics, this can be the ultimate turn-on, since there is an extra layer of shame or humiliation added which is a huge “yes” in their books. Usually, this is a fetish that married people tend to have.

So, what makes cuckolding exciting or appealing? Let’s get to the bottom of why people like cuckolding and what it actually involves.

Cuckolding has its roots in the BDSM world of kink.

This kink or fetish also stems from the desire or fantasy to be humiliated in a slightly masochistic way. The involvement of the humiliation of the size of the husband’s or boyfriend’s penis is essential to some. Men who have this fantasy do not necessarily need to have a smaller penis to find this sexually stimulating or pleasing.

Many lovers of this fetish or kink say that the thrill of cuckolding is one of the main things, realistically, that gets their blood pumping. Some might say that it’s due to the escapism that that kind of moment brings into the bedroom. Others might describe it as an undefinable high since they find it beautiful and arousing to see their partner get pleased by someone else (who they might find more capable or desirable in comparison to them).

Cuckolding isn’t just exciting for the man who is the “bull” in this situation.

It is exciting for all parties involved. It can also be a way for the people involved to explore their own sexuality. Some sexuality experts have spoken about the fact that cuckolding has been a way for men to explore their sexuality in regards to other men in a freer and less restricted way.

Viewing the sexual acts that are taking place is not the only part of cuckolding that can be pleasurable for the people involved. The female partner feels sexual pleasure from the fact that she is restricting her primary sexual partner, oftentimes her husband, from touching her or doing anything with her. There is a lot of pleasure and gratification involved in cuckolding that solely stems from viewing and “experiencing” the, so to say, lust that is in the air.

There are different ways to enjoy cuckolding.

For example, even though they represent a lesser percentage, cuckqueans exist. Cuckqueans are women who enjoy seeing their male partner have sex with another woman, while they can’t do anything about it.

In the “cuckolding world”, the Bull is the individual who isn’t involved in the sexual activities. Since this is also a way for a couple to explore their own relationship, and since everyone is different, there are also cuckolds who do not need to be in the room. Sometimes, it’s enough for them to just hear about it. Of course – the more detail, the better. Firstly, hearing about the cuckolding experience is also a good way to enter the cuckolding world if you are curious about it.

Statistics about porn and cuckolding might surprise you. It is a fantasy that occurs quite often. This might just be because porn has a way of popularising cuckolding and making it more available or viewable for non-kinky folk to see. However, another explanation for this might also be candaulism instead of humiliation. Candaulism means that the Bull experiences sexual satisfaction from the fact that their wife/partner is sought after.

If you are not someone (man/woman or anything in between) who is interested or turned on by the idea of cuckolding, no matter what your sexuality is, and you are ready to do it safely and healthily – then cuckolding is definitely something that should be on your top priority list when it comes to sexual kinks or sexual fantasies. Talk to your romantic partner in an open and relaxed manner about this fantasy, and see if this would be something that they would like to explore with you. If so, enjoy the ride to world of cuckolding.

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